Portable Aroma Diffuser – Lotus One


Small, palm sized, essential oil diffuser with LED light. White colour is known for its purity. It is associated with the good, honesty, beginning, and perfection. This FOL design will help you broaden your perception and will make you feel more open for the new opportunities.

Great for Yoga, Exercise, Travelling and even having a cup of coffee.

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Inspired by “FOL-Flower of life”, sometimes referred to as “Sacred Geometry” is a powerful, ancient symbol that was found from different civilizations in different parts of the world for more than 5,000 years ago. This symbol works as additional seasoning on diffusing. The round shape of this product symbolize “complete” and optimize the scent diffusion, with intention, we believe the FOL pattern enhance the aromatic effect and energy.

Our quest for the most energizing and harmonious design principle is the positive change through the conscious use of forms, which are in harmony with the design principle of the natural world. This is what Lotus One wants to bring for today’s world: sacred, simplicity, elegant, close to nature, and helpful products of quality for everyday use – and for the well-being of the body, mind, and soul.



Tranquil and Quiet! Enjoy a soothing 7 color of rotating LED lights that can be stopped on a single favorite color. You may choose to turn off the light completely when you prefer a resting mode. It includes a small fan that helps diffuse the oil on the Aroma pad.


How to use

Choose your favorite oil and put a few drops in the Aroma Pad.

Press 1 time for rotation of lights. Twice for stopping at one light color. 3rd pressing keeping fan on with light off. The 4th pressing will bring to stop

Treat yourself to all the good things aromatherapy can do. Relax and breath in the wonderful aroma. Relieve cough and sinus congestion due to colds, allergies, and flu.

Never worry about remembering to turn off our diffuser. As it will automatically turn off every hour