Hikiän Propolis


Propolis is a pure superpower from nature. Known as nature’s own antibiotic as it has been used to treat many illnesses for thousands of years. Scientists have proven that propolis has the ability to fight bad bacteria and viruses. Its secret is the propolis flavonoids that releases antioxidants and has the power to prevent illness or different diseases.



Wild nature, millions of flowers and pure Scandinavian air creates the perfect environment to produce delicious honey and high quality propolis. To guarantee premium quality, our beehives can be found in only the most ideal locations in Finland’s country side.

Raw, natural propolis is harvested and packed by Hikiän at Finland. Hikiän have selected Violet glass for packaging making sure all of mother nature’s health benefits are retained. We wish to hand over the products to our clients in such a way that the special quality is completely maintained over a longer time period.

Hikiän Propolis is 100% free from pesticides and GMO.


Propolis is known for nature’s own antibiotics to kill bad bacteria. It has multiple health benefits as it is fighting against bad bacteria effectively. It is commonly used to soothe flu and sore throat. However, you may use Hikiän Propolis to enhance self-healing ability on burns, cuts, acne, infections or eczema.

How to use

To soothe flu and sore throat, you may take 1 or 2 drops Hikiän Propolis directly into mouth or mix 10 to 30 drops with water and drink.

For skin problems, you simply put 1-15 drops Hikiän Propolis on your skin and then rub gently. Avoid water contact to your skin at least couple of hours that you will not wash the propolis away. Let propolis stay in your skin as long as possible to achieve best results.