Frangipani Monoï Oil


The “Gulsampama” has been associated with love and seduction in the Maldives for countless generations, to enhance one’s femininity and spark romance, it symbolizes a truly tropical love affair.

Frangipani infused with the purest Maldivian Virgin Coconut Oil is your natural companion to this tradition of love and beauty.

Kaashi Theyo Frangipani Monoï Oil has long lasting hydration properties to seal in moisture and leave skin silky soft and can also be used as a hair conditioner.

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Maldives, one of the beautiful places on earth, a tropical island located in the Indian Ocean. Kaashi Theyo® is the first branded established in 2011 with the mission to create a Maldivian Skin Care Brand. All products are made by hand exclusively. Hand-picked most fresh coconut without water added and heated to extract by using an age-old cold-press method. Therefore, more bio active substance and nutrition reserved. Hence to obtain the best quality.

Every product in this collection reflects our passion for the ancient Maldivian tradition of holistic medicine & beauty, and each is meticulously designed to promote wellness & beauty both physically and emotionally.


Richest source of lauric acid which protects your heart by reducing total cholesterol and increasing good cholesterol.

Has a small amount of vitamins and minerals.

Choline is one of the most abundant nutrients (0.3 mg per 100 g of oil).

Vitamin E (0.9 mg per 100 g of oil) and vitamin K (0.5 mcg per 100 g of oil). Both vitamins are important for cardiovascular health.

Contains a small amount of iron (0.04 mg per 100 g of oil).

How to use

As a massage oil, body moisturizer, face oil, scalp & hair treatment, after sun body oil and also as a health supplement.