Detox Patch


Detox Patches use the power of reflexology to tap into the acupuncture points on the soles of your feet or pain area to promote natural detoxification of chemicals, toxic material from your body.

Detox Patches have a variety of effects. Not only as a dehumidifier and detoxification agent, they can also be directly applied to muscle stiffness and pain. As a circulation enhancer, improve sleeping quality and effectively for acne.

Suitable for people over the age of 12 years.

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Toxins come mainly from the food you eat, liquid you drink, air you breath, personal care products you put on your skin, and the cell phone you use every day. All of them carry toxin substances such as radioactive substances, salts of heavy metals and fat-soluble toxins, not only congest in blood and lymph, but also because of more dense tissue such as bone, muscle, fat. Following the flow of your circulation system, your body is designed to get rid of them by sending toxins to the lower part of your body. Our special formula will speed up your circulation and draw out toxin materials from your feet or other parts of your body in a safe and non-intrusive way.



Bamboo vinegar, wood vinegar essence found in oak, beech and sakura trees, tourmaline, cinnamomum extraction, citosan, vitamin C and special ingredients of Chinese Herbal.


How to use

Apply during sleeping. Attach on Yong Quan Meridian Point (the 1/3 from the second toe to heel); or directly on the pain area for 6-8 hours.



Don’t apply to open wounds, mucous membranes, or the eye area. There are no known side effect for using the product, but if you have any skin condition or pregnant, please consult your doctor before use.