Science of Yoga

Fitness enthusiasts may call it a fitness strategy. To some, it is spirit! To others, a unification of one’s individual consciousness or psyche with that of the universe or life. What are we describing? Yoga! Being a 5000 year old body of knowledge, yoga is not only just about stretching, winding, turning and breathing. It is a key to unravelling the infinite capabilities of the human mind and soul. Distinguished doctors have on many occasions recommended yoga as a wellness focus on one’s physical structure and its innate inclination towards self-healing and wellness. The science of yoga that involves its philosophy, path of blissful action, mind control and devotional bliss completes the essence of the way of life. Balancing and unifying these is the practice of yoga.

Living Yoga

Yoga is a holistic way of life that integrates ancient knowledge to create a beseeching discipline between the mind, soul and body. Create a deeper emphasis on the inner experience of meditation in a series of simple, effective yoga postures and different breathing techniques. When there is harmony within, the path through life becomes more fulfilled, happier and calmer, generating a sense of well-being of mind and other elements of our existence. Live yoga in a pure and elated manner, calm your mind and regain focus, reduce anxiety and increase tolerance in a thorough way.

Benefits for all

The physical practice of yoga offers poses that support you regardless of age, size or fitness. In addition to turning your body into pretzel shapes, increase your flexibility, reduce stress and find inner peace. Benefit in the office, kitchen and even bedroom with these yoga skills and poses. Ease migraine by striking a bridge pose, lifting your chest towards your chin, chin away from the chest. Keep your upper Trapezius muscle flow away from your head, creating a balance that deters the body from headaches and migraines. For those suffering from insomnia, improve on your sleeping pattern with the corpse pose and diaphragmatic breathing meant to restore the body. Tame your eating habits by fighting food cravings. Be aware of your physical and emotional feelings associated with eating. Meditate your way to a healthier body, bringing attention to your natural breathing. Improve on your sexual desire, confidence, satisfaction, arousal and performance using the bound angle pose. Encourage the pelvic floor engagement tones as it is a great hip opener. Of course, let’s not forget to stay healthy by boosting our immunity. Make a sequence of eight sun salutation poses intended for better breathing, circulation and organ functionality in general.

So whether you are a couch potato or a pro athlete, anyone can start yoga practice. Modify your yoga poses to fit your size and fitness level, explore your limits, it’s not a race. Tune your body and inner self to the rhythm of the universe. After all, you have been doing it since you were a baby. Therefore make an initiative, take the first step, and discover your yoga way of life!