Super foods are the new thing in town. Long gone are the days of starvation and extreme diets to stay healthy. And if we really think about it, were we doing that for health purposes? 2016, health trends have taken a whole new path in terms of what goes with what. We are so close to having prescribed diet timetables that should be strictly followed to acquire something, gain specific fat in a particular region or lose a lot of it from somewhere else. Try and keep up, we’re breaking them down!

Trends to Know

GMO foods hit us like a truck and ever since we have made every dietary decision to counter its effect. Or, we are just trying to rid ourselves of the guilty pleasures of heaps of junk we call snacking. Whatever the reason, people have shifted to plant-based everything, not vegan. A more sustainable eating pattern is long overdue for our health. This goes the extra mile of working out for our environment. Many people have even gone the extra mile of completely ditching animal products and sticking to soy and jackfruits. All in all, this trend might be here for a while.
With Pinterest came the easy concept of DIYs. This year, more people are embracing this fashion of making everything themselves. Infused olive oils are one of the things that guys are no longer seeking in the local farmer’s market. Save yourself some cash and calories by learning a simple procedure that will earn you loads of artisanal oils for your sauces and dressing flavor. Furthermore, with a simple distilling kit, you can enjoy your very own gin in just a couple of hours. Sure, the thought of making your booze seems a bit off-putting. But who else knows your taste better than you do? For all beer lovers as well, you can get crafty with fun and easy brewing processes that can guarantee you gluten free drinks, which tastes great.
Fats are back! Who ever thought that at a point in your life you’d be reading about eating fat? Don’t be hasty this is only as effective as the quantities they are taken in. You chug down a heap of fatty food, don’t cry about the weight that comes with it. Here’s a tip, keep an eye out for naturally full-fat foods. The good kind of fats for you are like plain yogurts and nuts. Moderation is key in this particular aspect.
Pour over coffee have turned the least addicts to drinkers, I mean consumers. This coffee trend has a sleek and minimalistic look that gives you a great brew to kick-start your day. The best part is the cleanliness of the coffee, unlike the bitter taste that accompanied not having a sparkling pot, but you should really sparkle up your coffee maker. The advantage of great coffee is less likelihood to add sugar or cream. There you go, one stone, three birds!