How well do we really know our yoga? Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat have portrayed it as a skill that might take a lifetime to master. Do you even know the different styles out there? Learning the moves that compliment your body and spiritually nourishes your inner being is just a simple A through Z of styles. Start with more comfort, peace and metier with a deeper mind-body connection and synchronized breaths.

Yoga Unveiled

When it comes to yoga, half the bliss is knowing what you’re doing. So why not start with a few yoga styles we might encounter on this journey?
All beginners are probably familiar with the Sivananda style, an unhurried practice that comprises of the corpse pose (savasana) and the sun salutations routine. This yogic lifestyle revolves around ensuring proper breathing, exercise, diet, relaxation, and positive thinking. It’s particularly famous with beginners as it’s not strenuous in all sense of the matter.
To all aerobic-crazed, athletic characters, this might appeal to your inner yogi. This particular style was crafted just for you with power stunts that stimulate the body and gives an active flow to your movements. The best part about this lifestyle is its randomness.
Now to a yoga style with a sense of humor, Anusara. This can only be described as the purest form of yoga that is meant to go deeper than just a muscle stretch. Get fit through this enchanting heartfelt and accepting routine that guides your body to its fullest ability.
Following closely is the Ashtanga. This might be considered a strenuous, quick switch of a series of poses, going up to the sixth series. This sequence involves flowing your pose shift with an inhale and exhale. This patterned breathing is called Vinyasa.
This style would most definitely be the hippie of yoga. Over decades, this style has been practiced as a teaching from Sri Dharma Mittra as a graceful, inspiring yet challenging form of yoga that bases its foundation on the emphasis of good health, a kind heart, and clear mind. It is comprised of many series that anyone can adapt to, depending on your specific conditions.
Feel the burn with Hatha yoga where poses are held rather than switching from one to another. These are relatively slow allowing you to experience every posture to the last minute. This is more of an approach than a style as there is no specific class for such and it all depends on the teacher’s practice. This closely related to restorative yoga that involves just a handful of poses with prop supports. They serve the specific purpose of nourishing and resting our bodies, thus the term.

What Is Right For You?

Now you know, what next? Making a choice, especially as an amateur, is difficult. My advice, visit a local specialist or yoga studio to find out what suits your needs. For those who prefer home practice, consider filling out an online form that will allow you to narrow down on the styles. Self-compassion is a journey, and yoga is the art to get you there. Strike a pose, it has just begun.