Creativity and self-expression are a form of therapy that is greatest achieved through art. This form appreciates the fact that not all forms of art require verbal verification or physical strain to de-stress and filter the best out of you. You don’t even need to be an artist to enjoy and express yourself in this form. That is the best part of this. It’s for everyone. Are you not feeling ready to talk about it? Write it down, dance it out, make a mural or compile a kit. Let the intrigue of this process drive you to what you really want to communicate. The final product you create will be therapeutic, meditative or even an artistic creative form of art. Over the years, many have turned to the arts as their way of exploring their thoughts, discovering yourself and purpose in a unique way. This form of therapy is quickly becoming popular as a form of expression with no limits, judgments or criticism. So why so serious?

Art Without Borders

Our physical and mental healthcare need a relief point that allows for the change in our daily lives, ergo art! It is believed that creative processes such as drawing, carving, pottery, dance or acts aid in resolving internal and external conflict, manage behavior, increases self-esteem and awareness and develops interpersonal skills. Art fully integrates the involvement of your psyche development that can lead to the fulfillment of therapeutic goals and objectives. This skill has been put to practice in spaces like art studios, homeless shelters, schools, hospitals, prisons, private practice and elder care facilities. This is a place to merge all your senses and listen to yourself, relative to your existence. Therefore, challenge yourself to this compilation of artistic imagination, see what comes out of it.

The Who, Where, How and When

Art therapy is for anyone and everyone. Sure, if you google it the first few examples might be mental cases, but that’s not all to it. Express your body as what you visualize to be the colors of your breath. Are you afraid you are not the creative type, not to worry. Close your eyes and do something in the dark. Really concentrate on harnessing your deeper thoughts and emotions. Have poems never been your thing? Write down a bunch of random words that express your surroundings and its affiliation to your body, rearrange them to make an inspiration. This is quite literally the ‘there is no wrong answer’ kind of therapy. Everything and anything goes. It’s time to let go of the hate, show the happiness and express the love. Make room for your subconscious elements that can only be objectified to something elegant. Grab your tools. It’s time to get emotional with a heart collage, or generate k=joy with a wild invention, conquer trauma with a mini-diorama, discover yourself with a visual autobiography, relax by drawing something huge to the rhythms of soft music and show some gratitude with a documented ballad.