Crystals are powerful healing tools on their own, but when combined with other therapies, they act even more quickly and effectively to help bing you back into balance.  Sacred geometry, aromatherapy oils, Reiki, and massage are all commonly combined with crystals, but one modality that is lesser known for its use with healing stones is sound healing.

Quartz crystal singing bowls are familiar to most people, but crystal tuning forks are under the radar of most healers.  There is a special Crystal Tuner available that is known for amplifying crystal energy.

The Crystal Tuner resonates at 4096 Hz (said to be the frequency of Quartz crystal).  4096 Hz is also said to mimic the energetic vibration of the Earth. This frequency is also said to facilitate a connection with the angelic kingdom.  It is said that by striking theCrystal Tuner and bringing its base into contact with a crystal, that a connection is formed between heaven (the etheric energy represented by the sound frequency emitted by the Tuner) and earth (represented by the energy of the healing stone).

When a Crystal Tuner is used in conjunction with physical crystals, it has been observed by some healers that the sound frequency can actually enhance the crystal’s ability to conduct light energy within its lattice structure.  Because of this effect, the Crystal Tuner enhances the crystal’s ability to receive programming.  This enhanced energy also better directs and focuses the crystal’s energy during a healing session.  The intention, or program, that is directed through the crystal works with laser-like focus when enhanced by the sound frequency of the Crystal Tuner.  There is an increase in energy output from the crystal since theCrystal Tuner added additional energy to the stone.

Crystals used in this way with a Crystal Tuner are especially helpful for cleansing negative or stagnant energy from the chakras or aura. Place a crystal of your choice (chosen either intuitively or to correspond with the issue at hand) on the chakra in question.  Then strike the Crystal Tuner and place its base against the crystal, allowing the Tuner’s vibration to pass into the crystal, amplifying its energy.  Hold the intention to remove any negative or stagnant energy from the area.

Source Crystal Sound Healing